JEEP POD prices start from £3495 including vat


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Product Description


Making camping and adventure simple and versatile.

After all if something makes life easier, the more likely we all are to use it.

The Jeep Pod is ideal for both the week end adventurer or the hardened overlander.

The Jeep Pod can be quickly installed in the rear of your Jeep Wrangler JL and have every thing you need for your camping adventure in minutes. We have worked closely with a team of engineers designing a versatile and simple camping solution. After all if something makes life easier, the more likely we all are to use it. Incorporating, security, sliding draw, storage and our unique bed system that is deployable in moments.

Our versatile, multi functional  Jeep pod is installed in minutes with minimum effort and can be removed just as easily.

Our Jeep Pods incorporate an amazing and intricate bed that has a triple extending platform that locks both in the extended and in the stored position. Using the same lockable drawer runners as the sliding base trays with the same impressive weight loading of 230kg. The bed comes supplied with a 3 core mattress with, Firm Foam Base/ Medium Foam Centre / Memory Foam Top all wrapped up in a cool plus zipped cover to stop your body overheating.

The Jeep Pods also incorporate an aluminium base tray made of high quality aluminium, heavy duty draw runners and a really tough resign coated birch ply base board. Trays can be extended by depressing the two red lockable triggers to release and pulling out until they lock, closing is the same but in reverse giving you the security of the trays staying where you need them, they can even take loads of up to 230kg each.

The Jeep Pod is available with a selection of drop in kitchen and storage Pods also designed to fit the sliding tray and can be used in a number of combinations. The camp site kitchen, storage cube or storage box. All of which can be installed and removed in a matter of moments. Keeping things as simple.

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