Front Runner Extreme Slimline II Half Rack, JK 5 Door


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Product Description

This half size Slimline II kit contains a 1425mm x 1358mm  Slimline II tray, a wind deflector, and the JK Extreme mounting system.


Jeep Wranglers are notorious for the lack of storage space. Front Runner offers a game changing solution for those who want a rugged and sophisticated cargo carrying roof rack.


The JK Extreme mounting system bolts to the roll bar with middle and rear brackets. This unobtrusive, high performance, nearly indestructible mounting solution allows you to quickly remove the Freedom Panels and works with the hard top or with no roof at all. Freedom Panels can be quickly and easily removed with rack in place. The cargo weight is evenly distributed across the roll bars and body of the jeep, placing zero weight on the hard top itself.


Fits all 2007-current Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 5-Door (JK).

Unlike most exoskeleton style roof rack mounting systems, the JK Extreme mount can be used with all aftermarket bumpers.

The all stainless steel, powder coated mounting system makes this mounting system virtually rust free.

All racks and accessories are built for off road durability with on road sophistication.

The Slimline II Tray is made entirely of lightweight, high tensile aluminum with a strength to weight ratio unmatched in the industry.

Powder coated aluminum will not rust.

ADDITIONAL SLATS can be installed to create a solid platform for sleeping or sitting.

Add the optional EXPEDITION RAILS to give your rack the classic style basket shape.

Over 25 Front Runner Rack accessories are available to easily and securely mount snow boards, bicycles, tents, kayaks, propane, tables, cases, logs, solar panels, fuel, and much more.

Add the optional FRONT RUNNER JEEP JK INTERIOR RACK and FRONT RUNNER JK CARGO SLIDE to stretch your packing and storage options even further.

The Slimline II is the most versatile and durable roof rack available.

The Slimline II Tray is fully modular. You can remove or add slats as needed and customize your roof rack to taste and need.

Consisting of:


1 x FAJK001 – Jeep JK 5 Door Top Foot Rail (Pair L/R) Height 75m

1 x FAJK002 – Jeep JK 5 Door Inner Brackets (Pair L/R)

1 x FITT002 – Fitting Instruction – Kit Vehicle Specific

1 x RRSTJ07 – Slimline II Tray – 1425mm(W) x 1358mm(L)

Slimline II Tray Outside Dimensions:


Width 1425mm (56″)

Length 1358mm (53″)

Height 50mm (2″)

Approximate Installed Weight 26kg (58lbs